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Your Journey to Better Leads Starts Today

Quest Marketing Solutions is a content marketing agency that drives traffic and revenue growth for businesses through buyer-focused content. Our integrated campaigns are designed to reach your ideal customers with the right message, at the right time, through the channels they use most. We specialize in creating buyer-focused content that helps your prospects find you, learn about you, and buy from you.

How Do We Create Successful Marketing Campaigns? 

We take time to learn about your business and understand what you do for your customers. Getting a handle on your unique selling proposition gives us the information we need to set you apart from your competition. 


Once we know what you do, then we learn about who your customers are. What do they do for a living? Where are they? When did they last buy from you? How long did it take for them to make a decision on buying from when you first talked to them? How do they usually find you? Why do they choose to buy from you? 


It might seem like a lot, but when we answer these sorts of questions, we can then build buyer personas who represent the various people in your target audience. We understand their pain points and why they reach out to you to solve their problems. 


Then we dive in to do our research. We run an audit of your current website and social media channels to find opportunities to improve your online presence to generate more leads. We scope out competitors to see what tactics are generating the most interest. 


Finally it all comes together when we create a marketing campaign that targets your ideal customer profile with relevant content designed to move them through their buyers journey. We work with you to turn your expertise into blog articles, videos, advertisements, and social media posts. 


Short-term Marketing Strategies


If you need leads ASAP, then pay-per-click (PPC) or paid search (SERP) advertising campaigns are the fastest way to get people to your website. Display advertising and paid social media campaigns work so well because they allow you to narrow your audience down to just the people most likely to purchase from you. 


Digital advertising offers distinct advantages over traditional media like radio, tv, or outdoor campaigns for a few reasons, the biggest being able to track return on investment. 


A billboard on the side of the highway shows your advertisement to a lot of people and likely gets more attention than your typical online ad campaign but how certain can you be that the cost of that billboard is worth it. A digital ad campaign on the other hand can be tracked down to the penny how effective it is at getting someone to your site and becoming a customer. 


Not only do you get advanced attribution with digital advertising, but you can optimize a campaign’s performance by monitoring the attention and interaction your ads receive. If a campaign isn’t working, you can adjust it at little to no cost. Print media doesn’t give you this option and physically changing signs takes time and money. 


Advertising is the fastest way to get your business in front of as many people as quickly as possible. That can be a double-edged sword however because if you don’t have a fast, easy to navigate website or any materials on your site to convince visitors to contact you, then you’re wasting money. 


When you do convert the website visitor to a customer, you need to factor in how much it cost you to acquire not only them, but all the others who did not buy from you. This formula is usually a winning one for you, but the customer acquisition cost is much higher for paid campaigns than for the organic long-term marketing strategies we deliver. 


Long-term Marketing Strategies


The best way for you to compete long-term is to provide value to your customer on your website and social media channels. Running campaigns that leverage SEO, social media, and blog articles are completely free and allow you to build up a library of useful content for your potential customers to discover. Let’s dive into each of these and discuss the benefits. 


  • Search engine optimization is the process of getting your site to the top of organic search results on popular search engines like google or bing and also social media.

    The success of your website, and business, requires you to invest resources finding the right keywords and organically getting them on your website. Gone are the days of “keyword stuffing” where websites plastered these keywords all over a webpage. Google got wise to this practice and now gives preference to blogs that naturally work these keywords into their writing.

    SEO is an ongoing practice that requires knowledge and consistency. Some of the technical aspects include making sure your site and pages are indexable using metadata, alt text for images, proper text formatting, site speed, backlinks, and mobile friendliness. Over time, your website begins to become the authority on a subject. As you publish more content on your site, Google sees you as a better reference and begins to increase your organic ranking, providing a huge boost to your web traffic and leads.


  • Social Media Marketing is incredibly powerful because it allows you to control our own messaging channel and build an audience of followers. Staying up to date on latest trends and memes can take a lot of time. Finding the right time to post, groups to message, and hashtags to follow pays off in the long run, but can be a headache to maintain when you’re busy.

    That’s why you should develop a strategy to help guide your posts and be sure to stick to it. The more you post, the better your channels do but you also need to make sure you are offering variety and value. If you just post the same thing every time people stop paying attention. You also need to give your followers information they can use.

    The long-term value comes from creating a group of people who are all familiar with and like your business. When you go to promote a new product or service, these people will be your biggest fans and help you create business without having to spend a ton of money to get your message in front of people.


  • Blogs, Case Studies, Whitepapers, and other written content are the key to getting your message in front of your audience on the internet and then turning them from web visitor to customer. Writing content that walks your readers through their buyer journey will increase the amount of revenue your website generates.

    Offering content pieces like case studies or whitepapers gives you an opportunity to showcase your expertise but a longer asset can be put behind a form and become a lead magnet for you.

    Finding out how you can create content that addresses the questions and concerns of your buyers ensures you are creating the marketing machine that fuels your business’s growth. We specialize in learning about your customers and finding ways you can deliver your value proposition to as many qualified contacts as possible. 

Are you ready to sell more?

Lead Generation Campaigns

We know how to design and execute marketing campaigns that drive results and increase your sales pipeline. Using your own expertise, we find the optimal way to get your message in front of the right contacts. 

Copywriting &
Content Creation

Writing can be hard. We do it every day and we understand how hard it can be to get your thoughts on the page. That's why we have strategies that help us break through those blocks and create compelling copy that generates results! Whether you need to fit your message into a tweet or an ebook, we can help you get it done. 

Website Design & Development

We create and migrate websites for our clients that allow them to take their business to the next level. Designing a user friendly website gives your customers the chance to connect with you and ensures that the visitors you send to your site have a chance to connect with you. 

Social Media Management

Building a following is critical to your long-term success as a business. We understand what it takes to organically grow your audience and create a community of people excited about your brand.  

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Presence Planning

Content creation is the backbone of what we do. We create blog posts and marketing assets that your buyers are searching for online. When someone finds our search engine optimized content, they instantly get exposed to our buyer's journey progression and go from web visitor to customer faster.

CRM Administration, Reporting, and Analytics

We can help you configure your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to work for you and have experience with contact segmentation, data visualization, sales pipeline analysis, sales forecasts, sales leadership reports, salesperson activity dashboards, and any other marketing metrics you are looking for. 

Ready to sell more? 

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